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#023 Caller Lounge meets Teresa Berger

Callerlab Home Office Executive Director Teresa Berger is full of energy regarding Callerlab and its future. She is responsible for all the administrative work to be done and she also represents a new generation of callers. Prior to the upcoming ECTA Convention, we were keen to find out about The Annual Callerlab Convention, the behind the scene and the convention's spirit. Teresa was kind to give us insights and we sure got some information we can use for our convention. And at the end you will find another episode of "Attention ECTA Convention" sneak preview to the Convention's program.


Martin Kull
Peter Höfelmeyer
Teresa Berger


Breath of fresh air at the Callerlab Home Office
Welcome Teresa Berger (Website: bergercallers.com)
We want to know insights about Callerlab Convention
Opportunities for networking time
Convention is for networking
Convention is for recharging the batteries
What is the spirit?
We want to think outside the box
Finding topics and presenters
Birds of a Feather Sessions (BOF) – time during the convention for groups or individuals to host their own informal sessions
Benefits attending a Convention
Teresa’s first Callerlab Convention
New perspective experience a Convention as an organizer
Wishes for the next Convention
Attention ECTA Convention
Guido Haas: Convention Thema „Beyond the lists“; Easy Asymmetrics with a Purpose; Zero Modules revisited
Claus Warnecke: A Sequence about Sequence
Peters Reflektion Choreo Sequence aus letzter Folge
Martin erzählt heute seine Einschätzung zum Patter „Chips“

More information about CALLERLAB can be found here:
2022 CALLERLAB Convention: https://www.callerlab.org/registration-information/
Membership: https://www.callerlab.org/membership-info/

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  1. Claus Warnecke sagt

    Hallo ihr 2,

    das war wieder eine interessante Folge. Leider ist mein Englisch nicht so gut, dass ich alles verstanden habe, doch inhaltlich ging es einigermaßen. Schön auch einmal „über den Teich“ zu sehen.
    Liebe Grüße

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